Fishing and Hunting

The Tongariro River is fed by tributaries that flow off the surrounding hill ranges and mountains within the Tongariro National Park region. The river then winds its way north, through the township of Turangi before entering Lake Taupo.

The Tongariro River is arguably New Zealand's most fished river and a magnet for anglers from all over the word, who come to the Tongariro to fish for rainbow and brown trout, which run up the river to spawn. Around 75% of the trout in the Tongariro are rainbows, and 25% are browns.

The Tongariro is considered to be one of the best trout fishing rivers in the world, and a large part of its charm lies in its accessibility. New Zealand's State Highway 1 follows the river for a number of kilometres providing anglers with easy access to the many pools and rapids. For the cost of an adult Taupo Fishing License (24 hours NZ$17.00, one week NZ$38.00 and NZ$90.00 for a full season  July 1st to June 30th license for 2016-2017 year) anyone can fish the river and it is not unusual to see locals fishing alongside overseas anglers or celebrities (who will often be fishing with the help of a guide). Click here to purchase Lake Taupo Licence  

Many of the Pools on the Tongariro River are named after people who have fished the river (e.g. Duchess Pool, Major Jones Pool, Admirals Pool), or by their location (Birch Pool, Island Pool, Red hut Pool etc). Floods have altered the size and shape of many of these pools through the years but many such as the Major Jones Pool have largely remained little changed over the years.

The Tongariro is a fly fishing river only. Popular fishing methods are nymphing, wet lining and dry fly techniques. The Tongariro roll cast, similar to a single-handed spey cast, was developed on this river. The Tongariro roll cast is used to cast a fly-line in situations where there are obstacles that would obstruct the angler from using the more traditional fly-casting techniques.

Hunting in Turangi Tongariro

Turangi Tongariro is an angler's heaven, but the region is also a hunter's paradise with the nearby Kaimanawa and Tongariro Forests being poplar hunting lands for sika, red deer, wild pigs and goats and offering great walks with panoramic views along the way. For more information on hunting, click here Where to go Hunting

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