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Your Turangi Unichem Pharmacy can provide you with advice on what is best on products and information to live well every day.  

The long-term conditions service is provided free at every Unichem Pharmacy and includes:

  • Recording known allergies and adverse reactions
  • Making sure your medicines list is accurate and complete
  • Discussing your medication with you to ensure you understand what each medicine is for and how best to take it 
  • Checking for medication changes, as we compare your prescription with previous ones
  • Ensuring your medicines are running out at the same time to avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor 
  • Dispensing the right amounts of medicine, at the right time   

 The service may also include:

  • A medicine record card
  • Special packaging to help you remember to take your medicines
  • Liaising with other health professionals involved in your care    

A medicine record card keeps track of all your dosage times, amounts, and anything special you need to know about your medicine. It also includes information about medicines or supplements that you buy yourself, medicine allergies, and the details of your doctor and pharmacist. Simply take this card to every health-related appointment and you’ll find managing your medicines becomes much easier.   

Special packaging can also make it simple to remember which medicines you need to take. Your Unichem pharmacist can make up personalised blister packs, sachets, or refillable plastic packaging.  

Some Unichem pharmacies also offer a more in-depth medicine review service that allocates more Pharmacist time to you.

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