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Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Summer Premium Guided We guide the Tongariro Alpine Crossing all year and every day mother-nature allows us a safe and enjoyable passage. Summer Crossings are from 1st Oct - 30 Jun or when daylight hours are plentiful and snow and ice has cleared from the track.


Tongariro Winter Crossing Description

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing over Winter (15 May to 31 October) has all that summer offers plus one key ingredient that summer doesn't , SNOW. Beautiful white pristine often shimmering snow, sometimes stretched for as far as the eye can see. Often whilst I am walking in one of the snow laden craters my mind wanders off imagining I am walking on a expedition to the South Pole or Iceland or even the North Pole, not a person in sight nothing but a snowy expanse....heaven! ( or as close to it as I'm going to get)
Yes it is colder than summer, but we supply all the warm gear needed to make you feel like you are back in the tropics again, well almost.
Does the snow make it harder? I hear you ask. No! is my answer. What the snow does is fill in the holes around the rocks and smooths out the otherwise rugged volcanic landscape into an almost perfectly smooth surface. Sometimes this perfectly flat surface can turn icy, which gives us the opportunity to have a fun time learning how to walk in crampons. So not only do you get to complete The world famous Tongariro crossing in winter, you also get taught how to walk in crampons and how use an ice axe without clobbering your buddy next to you, this also makes for fantastic photo's! 

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