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The Store at Te Rangiita is a service station, tackle-shop, convenience store and a cafe that provides breakfast, lunches and snacks.

On 1 June 2016, Chevron New Zealand, who operated the Caltex brand in New Zealand, was acquired by Z Energy Ltd, marking the growth of the country’s only Kiwi transport fuel company. Z Energy currently operates the Caltex network in New Zealand using the brand under licence from Chevron International.

At Caltex, we have achieved many breakthroughs in our products and services over our 80 years of operation. We take pride in continuing to deliver world class fuels and lubricants to our customers across the country.

Today, there are more than 140 Caltex service stations and 70 truck stops around New Zealand. A diverse and highly motivated workforce is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, day in, day out – wherever you go.

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New Zealand
Daily 7am to 7pm

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