Multidimensional Health & Bodywork

Multidimensional Health & Bodywork covers the physical, psychological rehabilitation that is required to recovery from stress related and physical injury. Specialization in interrelational and emotional aspects while prescribing safe exercise that lead to self - management of chronic conditions or general health.

This comprehensive quality rehabilitation service comprising injury management, clinical exercise physiology, advanced remedial massage and psychological support, is addressing the cause of your complaint and  providing you with effective exercise prescriptions for self - management.

Manage your neck pain, Manage you back pain, manage your health condition with exercise.

Active Rehabilitation, ie Clinical Exercise Physiology,  Receive Physical Exercise Prescriptions that alleviate pain. Learn to manage your chronic condition with exercise and at best alleviate pain and reduce medications.

Advanced corrective remedial massage is based on Sportsmedicine, 

Onsen Technique, SportsScience International.

Holographic Kinetics provides you with fine tuned tools for your situation to improve your health status by looking at the underlying cause for your condition, situation or mental health status.

We pride ourselves to provide a health service that allows you to understand the medical jargon and the cause for your situation/condition.

Apart from assisting your recovery we can look at deeper issues concerning your health, such finding answers to the following:


How are we influencing our health and reality on the spiritual level?

Develop consciously your multidimensional ability to control your choices in regards to relationships and health for your future. Clear haunting issues of the past, move on and grow while your are expanding your consciousness.

Explore essential keys to increase your personal vibration for a brighter healthier future.


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