New Zealand Weather, Climate, & Seasons

New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world that is protected from weather extremes. In summer temperatures hover around the mid twenties, and in winter around the mid teens in most populated areas, towns and cities. For these reasons New Zealand is a mild and comfortable climate where you can enjoy activities all year round.

Two main geographical features dominate New Zealand climate: the mountains and the sea. Our climate is largely temperate with the far north experiencing sub-tropical weather in summer and the alpine areas of both North and South islands dropping to low temperatures in the winter. With much of the country near the coast, it means mild temperatures, moderate rainfall and lots of sunshine! The average temperature can decrease as you travel to central areas and further south.

The warmest months of the year are December, January and February - our summer where the average maximum temperature is between 20-30° C and the coldest months are June, July and August where average maximum temperatures are between 10-15° C.

Weather in Turangi Tongariro

Turangi-Tongariro has four distinct seasons being summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Each season brings a beautiful change from one season to the next and this is particularly evident in autumn when the town of Turangi celebrates this season with a ‘colours’ festival. As you travel through Turangi Tongariro’s volcanic plateau region you will see spectacular scenery that is unique to this region of New Zealand.

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